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Why Poems from the Heart July 1, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in My Poetry.
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Writing poems which has always been my great passion, reading poems, and lately reciting poems, together with my desire to put them in a repository and share them–these are the reasons why I have decided to put up a blog containing the poems that I wrote from my heart, from childhood till now that I am an adult.

Yes, all poems are written from the heart, if they are not, they might as well be ordinary written material–writings that fade with time. If written from the heart, each poem becomes a work of art, an expression of one’s self, of one’s feelings, a reflection of one’s soul. Such is the depth of poetry–it bares the emotion and the very core of one’s being.

Come, let me share with you dear Readers my poems, let us travel in time, relive the past, live in the present, and explore the future. Share with me the rhyme, the music, the mystery, and the magic that each verse brings. Let me share with you my art, a part of my heart–my Poems from the Heart.

Photo taken from Punnakha, Bhutan.

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1. Flor P. Velasco - June 19, 2008

this is the type of poems im looking for….napaka ganda…very simple but very meaningful…..they really molded from the heart…..it was written beautifully……

thanks GOD for giving you that wisdom and intelligience…..

2. Dine Racoma - June 19, 2008

thanks, Flor for the warm comment. yes, all poems are written from the heart! and writing poems is a God-given gift, that is why I am sharing them.

3. julie - June 20, 2008

I read the poems you have Dine and I enjoyed every one. I also love the photos posted alongside the poems.


4. jun - June 21, 2008

Great work! Gibran, Yeats, Longfellow, Racoma… !

5. ner - June 23, 2008

very true, beautifully written. indeed, all poems come from the heart. wish i could make a poem now like i used to. i love your layout and how you put pictures alongside each poem. perhaps if you have time, you can visit my poetry blog as well, which i haven’t updated since i lost my muse: http://swanwritings.blogspot.com.

still, poetry was my first love. happy writing! 🙂

6. Bea - July 23, 2008

Nice poems. Very touching. It seems like I could feel what you were feeling when you wrote those poems. I also like your entries on Steph’s debut. I admire both Vince and Steph. They didn’t neglect their studies despite of having into a relationship.

Regards, my friend. Stay happy!

7. Dine Racoma - August 7, 2008

thanks to you, Julie, Jun, Ner and Bea
this is really the reason why i made my poetry blog–to share my art, to inspire, even to entertain

8. bldherenow - August 23, 2010

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