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bemused August 9, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in My Poetry, Soulful Thoughts, Young Love.
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by Dine Racoma


a heart full of pain
tired from it all
lips quivering
eyes filled with tears
just there to stay
feelings held at bay
not allowing any more hurt
now a heart of stone

heeding time and space
to seek answers
two options came to mind
they’re kind of opposing

either to seal this endless pain
trapped into oblivion
and let the heart be
forever devoid of feelings
or let the tears fall profusely
past the lips still quivering
till the tears run dry
and the heart is totally empty

sealing the heart
keeps it from further pain
while emptying it out
makes it vulnerable again.

now what?


Photo:  taken at Nurture Spa‘s garden on 08-08-08



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