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HOPE August 18, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in Soulful Thoughts.
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by Dine Racoma


as certain as the sun sets, so will it rise the next day
the pain in our hearts may go away, it may stay
they say that time heals, but for how long?
i wait, we all wait, but right now it is a pain so strong
embedded into the recesses of our very beings
the tears may have dried but still there are things
that we cannot fathom but try to accept
all that is left are memories in our hearts best kept
reminding us that no matter how short
they were still happy moments for all they are worth
and we can only be thankful when we look back
to the innocent smile and the warmth, it was pure luck
life has to go on, and slowly we rise from this deep fall
love will keep us together, we hope, again we will be whole
yes, the pain in our hearts may go away, it may stay
but as certain as the sun sets, so will it rise the next day.


Published in The D Spot on 14 October 2007

Photo taken at the Manila Bay (sunset)

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1. Lucy - July 6, 2008

i really enjoy reading your poems especially when i want to get inspired and think of beautiful things… they’re really cool and oftentimes i remember my younger days. you are truly a gifted writer. lab u! 🙂

2. Dine Racoma - August 7, 2008

Lucy: thanks, dear best friend! lvy!

3. EP - August 11, 2008

muntik mo na akong pinaiyak. i miss my mom and my aunt. ang feelings ko, hindi ko kulang ang nabigay kong pag aalaga sa kanila. ang bigat sa dibdib, tho’ sabi ng iba, ganun daw lagi ang pakiramdam ng mga namamatayan.
sometimes i cry at night, akala ni hubby siya ang dahilan, hindi siya. ang mom, dad at aunt ko ang iniiyakan ko. sana. . . . puro sana. . . .

kaya ikaw, napaka blessed mo to have your mom around and spend a lot of time together. sige. . uwi na ako. nalulungkot na naman ako.

4. Vangie - August 11, 2008


This is a very beautiful poem…

It speaks to me…


5. Raquel - August 12, 2008

It’s a beautiful poem, Dine. You had expressed it very aptly. I admire you for your talent

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7. soulsheik - August 24, 2008

A song for Michael

I cannot help but cry
I cannot help but burn
Sorrow knows no border
Succumbs to a hearts murmur

I cannot help but weep
I cannot help but sigh
The list grows and gnaws
Our world and all it’s woes

I cannot help but grieve
I cannot help but ache
Leave no room for the crows
Save the nightingale and his bloody rose

I cannot help but feel
I cannot help but slip away
A mother’s milk sours
When angel sleeps on angel hours

8. Dine Racoma - August 24, 2008

EP, I know how much you miss your mom and aunt. i remember how they fondly took care of you (while you took care of them) when we were still practically living in the same community. don’t worry–you have given them the best that you could. they smile from heaven, i am sure.

9. Dine Racoma - August 24, 2008

Vangie, and Raquel

thanks a lot, dears.

10. Dine Racoma - August 24, 2008


thank you so much. i am so touched, very.

same with me also, sometimes i just want to read poetry then oh so suddenly the words just flow, emotions run wild, and them verses just beautifully blend.

Michael is indeed an inspiration.

let me, like the rest of those who read you before me, welcome you to the blogosphere.

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