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waves August 21, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in Childhood Innocence, Soulful Thoughts.
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by: Dine Racoma


shhhh…the cold winds blow
causing the blue sea to flow
making tiny waves move one by one
traveling toward the shore of sand

waves, waves of the bluish sea
you’re a joy giver, you’ve delighted me
i often give you a thought, o wave
thought, thought of how you i can save

every wave i see will have an end
either it hits a stone or lands on sand
and then i say, “good-bye, oh wave
thank you for the joy you gave”

one by one they move in endless array
never to turn back, never to go astray
but straight to their own end
never afraid, never given a helping hand

how i wish i were like you
moving straight until you are through
always moving forward–bravely
unlike us coward men moving slowly

i see waves like us men
they are countless, not few
they always move again and again
like the men of waterloo

i see the wind as the call of God
the wind that makes men move and change
the God that guides every young lad
He who controls everything in and out of range

yet, waves have no will, unlike us men
they follow every dictate of the wind
all moving to that irresistible end
and i may say, even man fears that end

good-bye, o wave that has just passed by
good-bye, o man that has just passed by

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