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lost September 27, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in Life, My Poetry, Soulful Thoughts.
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by Dine Racoma

all too suddenly
everything is hazy
similar to a blind man
groping time and again
afloat in a sea
this is not me.

–i am lost
stuck at most
nowhere to go
dunno what to do

–i am weary
all alone
to move on
can’t cope…
lost hope…

–i flit
devoid of spirit
this is me…
…my destiny

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1. Fitch - September 28, 2008

Oh Dine! This is so heartbreakingly beautiful. Very moving!

2. Soulsheik - September 28, 2008


I feel like this lots of times.
Been to the rural mountains for days. The fog is as think as blankets one after the other and barely see what’s ahead. I’m lost and had to stop.

I waited until the sun peaks and the fog dissipates.

3. Dine Racoma - September 28, 2008

@Fitch–so true, thanks!

@Soulsheik–know what? i too have been to some of the highest peaks in Bhutan where is was foggy and hazy all the time. it’s amazing how the drivers would continue to drive through the thick fog, and still find their way. with every trip, I only had God to thank for, for keeping us safe.

4. Mitch - November 5, 2008

“this is me… … my destiny.”

Ouch! But it was more of a choice. My situation, I meant haha! Idaan sa tawa! :p

5. vHaneSSa.. - September 25, 2009

don’t coL dat TuRNs as yuR DstinY..
evrYbOdy desrVes to B haPi theN..
i alwys fL Lyk dat
bUt i Jst REaLized dat
it’s wroNg to Let pain
cOntrOls ouR LiVes..

there’s moR tOh Life than wT we thiNk oF.!

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