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Not a Single Person Deserves to be Poor October 14, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in Life, Soulful Thoughts.

by Dine Racoma

While the general trend through time is for the poor to become poorer
And the rich—they become richer and richer, I cannot help but wonder
Can someone come up with a sure fire solution to the widespread poverty
Afflicting millions the world over. What will it take to eradicate this reality?

International NGOs, development banks, churches, rich countries
Financing firms, charitable organizations, individuals, philanthropists
Have come to the rescue, through loans, technical assistance grants
And direct aid, still poverty is evident despite infusing these funds

I know what poverty looks like—it looks back right smack in the eye
Striking a discordant note, one cannot forget, the hardest of hearts cry
Poverty is not just an issue of lack of money, it is a pool of many things
Global concerns like war, famine, hunger, sickness, a litany of sufferings.

Not a single person on earth deserves to be poor, but this is stark reality
Aren’t all creatures created to be equal to enjoy the world’s bounty?
It’s high time that all nations sincerely unite, work hand in hand
And as individuals we can do our share, in our own little way, yes, we can!

Also found in The D Spot.

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