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serendipity? November 15, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in My Poetry, Soulful Thoughts, Young Love.
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by: Dine Racoma

what difference does it make
when you are there and i am here
away, ever physically apart

i have always felt your existence
and you have sensed mine
even if our paths have never crossed

it’s like you have always been here
and i have always been there
but we are yet to breath the same air

yet to tread the same ground
meet face to face, see eye to eye
hearts beating in single rhythm

what is this strong force
that draws us nearer and nearer
to each other, closing in on us

as if the universe were aligned
everything else in its proper order
not one against the other

will the serendipitous moment
ever happen, will it ever be
will there ever be a right time

when you and I are together
the closest we can, not only in spirit
but in person, whole

maybe now, maybe tomorrow
maybe never,  it will if meant to be
it will not if not meant to be


“Serendipity?” is an old poem that was rehashed and inspired by the movie, Serendipity.

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1. rea - December 18, 2008

how nice….i can see myself to them hehehheheh

2. Lori Jeremias - March 16, 2009

this is so very sweet. Especially, trying to make a point of emotion.. Spring will soon be here and we will see.


3. chai - August 16, 2009


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