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What Perfect Creation of God! November 21, 2008

Posted by Dine Racoma in My Poetry, Soulful Thoughts.

A Perfect Creation of God–a poem for Monica on her 25th birthday.

all i could utter when you came into the world
was “i love you, my daughter, my darling baby
let me be the first to gaze at your beauty”
what perfect creation of God I was awed

i was so happy at that moment i could die
a daughter made me whole after a son
nothing more to ask for, really there was none
what perfect creation of God on high

your baby’s breath was to me an angel’s beckoning
sometimes all i could do was gaze at you, bedazzled
did i deserve such great fortune, i was kinda puzzled
what perfect creation of God a magnanimous blessing

first step, first tooth, first words flashed over and over
milestones, history as though they meant the universe
every opportunity a photo, even if they were not the first
what perfect creation of God, will you be mine forever

as you grew up through the innocent then feisty years
a free spirit vulnerable to the realities of the world
i was equally young again, equally struggling in the cold
what perfect creature of God resilient free from fears

falling in love, failing, falling out of love, faltering
seeing you in pain, i wanted to grab that pain and banish it
i hurt as much as you did, see the gaping wound, the dark pit
what perfect creation of God still you emerge living, loving

now you are 25, a child no more, a young gracious lady
you can have it all–jobs, money, travel, even an advocacy
make your dreams come true, live your life, be truly happy
what perfect creation of God with Him you will be fine, certainly

This poem also appeared in The D Spot.



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