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sad February 22, 2009

Posted by Dine Racoma in Life, My Poetry, Soulful Thoughts.
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by: Dine Racoma

this is it
deep in a pit
raw emptiness
intense sadness

smack to the bone
truly i am alone
at this moment
misery, torment

no words nothing
can give meaning
no matter what
keep it at that

woe to me
just let it be



1. Shanlee - March 3, 2009

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2. BY WAYNE GIBBONS - May 5, 2009

Hello my name is Wayne Robert Gibbons. A self poet who can only use his voice as i am in a wheelchair. I am disabled, however this is not a curse but a blessing as my friends are my hands.I am an artist who speaks on paper the very core of my existence. I read your poem and imediately felt the need to e-mail you as we share in a gift from God.the following is a poem that i dedicate to you. “WARM SUMMER DAYS” BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF THE MIND, MUSIC FROM THE HEART, IMAGES THROUGH MY WORDS. FRIENDSHIP MEANS SO VERY MUCH. SEARCHING FOR WORDS THAT WILL FIT WITH THE POEM, i EXPRESS MY SOUL IN POETRY AS THE SUN SHINES UPON MY FACE. CREATION ITSELF HAMONIZES WITH THE SOUNDS OF STREAMS RUNNING AND BIRDS SINGING.AS THE BREEZE BLOWS THROUGH MY FINGERS SO DOES THE WORDS OF THE POET.I FIND MYSELF UNWORTHY OF SUCH A GIFT, YET I COUNT IT AN HONOR TO ALLOW MY HEART TO EXPRESS AND FLOW LIKE WATER THE DEPTHS OF WHO I AM. ONE CANNOT CONTAIN SUCH A ASSIGHNMENT. FOR IT IS BUT WORDS ON A CANVAS OF LOVE. CARRY ON IN THIS EXPRESSION OF LOVE.

3. Samantha - May 15, 2009

wow. very moving. always nice to read a fellow poet’s work. 🙂 keep writing, its the best therapy.

4. chris - May 7, 2010

can you write a poem about love…???like the boy cant liv w/o his girl…

5. SellyBean - January 28, 2011

This is truley deep it hit home n how that im feeling right now at the moment….wayne i have MS Multiple Sclerosis. i have relalsing/remitting..i have made some mistakes in my life n im sure to make more as my life goes on…threw god friends n family..i am wher that i am at today…wayne from one heart to another i feel ur pain my bro…this is such a stress releiver for me..it so relaxing..just to pick up a pen n start writting.. it is like being out in the woods waiting for that buck..feels so close to heaven..love reading others poems….an a place to put our poems for others to c. n not b judged…ty

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