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How to Write Romantic Short Poems March 14, 2011

Posted by Dine Racoma in My Poetry.

Although we may fall short of magnificent poets in the likes of William Shakespeare, writing romantic short poems can be one of the most passionate ways of expressing love for another. This is not really a common practice in these very modern times where romance is more likely to be equated with gifts and travels to exotic places. However, you may be surprised to know that many people are still such hopeless romantics at heart who fantasize about living in a time when love was conveyed through passionate words from the heart, words that only displayed the sincerity and undying affection of another.

Creating romantic short poems does not need to follow any stringent rules and poses no limits to the writer. Unless you are intending to be a professional poet of the highest degree, all of these rules are not necessary. The only thing you need is the deep desire to write words of love coming straight from within you. If you are writing a love poem for someone who means the world to you, forget about the imperfections and the editing. Stop re-writing because the first words that come out from your thoughts are exactly what you are feeling. When it comes down to emotions, there are absolutely no rules and boundaries. It doesn’t have to be melodramatic either. True love is not always a sober affair. As a matter of fact, it is a joyful feeling that can leave you floating on air. Unless you are writing a poem about unrequited love, it is perfectly fine to make it as light as how you feel.

If you are in that mood to write romantic short poems for your lover, find a quiet place where you can be free from any distractions. A location with beautiful scenery can help a great deal in allowing you to collect your thoughts. Do not worry about perfection. The important thing is that you are able to express all of your feelings through the words that you write. The gift of your poetry will surely be the best gift your lover will receive because it is the most sincere expression of your love, coming straight from your heart.



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